Monday, 2 May 2011

School Project

My daughter starts a new school project when she starts back at school tomorrow ' Recycling and Sustainability'. Over the school holidays their homework was to make a Garden Buddy which will be hung in the schools vegetable garden to ward away the birds. The Buddy had to be made with items that would have been otherwise thrown away so over the last three weeks we have been saving things to use. We made the Buddy today, although sunny today it was also very windy so we had to keep retrieving things that had blown around the garden. The Buddy is actually a girl and and she has been accorded some lovely red lips! Here's how we made the Buddy ;
Head - Tomato tin, Blue Hat - lid from washing detergent bottle, Body - Large squash bottle, Arms - Wire coat hanger, Arm decorations- Made from silver wrappings, my daughter based the tassel design on one of Elvis Presley's stage costumes!, Legs - String and Milk Bottle tops, Feet - Yogurt pots.
I'm looking forward to what she learns on this project and what she can teach me !!


  1. So cute! My son made a fish sculpture out of similar items in his art class this year.

  2. Thank you Mary, carrying it to school this morning was fun !