Sunday, 8 May 2011

Why I hate shopping.

Today I went off on the search for black trousers, armed with time, money and positivity. Straight into the local Marks and Spencer's which was nice and quiet as it is Sunday. Was able to walk around the displays without the crowds , looking at the goods at my own pace without being pushed and shoved. Despite my best efforts I could not find any suitable trousers. The main problem being lack of sizes on the shelf. I want to try them on in store and buy them there and then. I don't want to order and pay online to have the problem of waiting for the postman, the package arriving when I'm not home and having to make a special trip into town to collect them from the main Post Office, then to get them home and they don't fit....grrrrrrrrrrr.....I speak from experience!! What I will have to do is go to a larger store and see if I have any luck there. This is why I hate clothes shopping. Whilst in M&S I bumped into a friend and she asked if I have time for a coffee. I did have time but found the coffee shop a tad on the expensive side. My husband asked if I wanted a cake with my drink, I had already noticed that the cakes started at £2 per slice so I declined. As I am a bit of cake monster , I would love a slice of cake with my drink but its just too expensive. They had a Victoria sponge at £2.50 per slice and having a quick peak there was at least 10 slices. My mom bakes and an equivalent sized cake that she makes cost less than £1.50 per cake. It just goes to show how much money they make. My tea was £1.60 and to be honest it wasn't that nice. Its easy to see how you can squander your money, tea & cake there would have been at least £3.60 per person. It was however good to see our friend and have a nice chat over a cup of tea.


  1. Why DO they charge so much for their cakes? The only positive thing about it is that it means that frugal women like us resist the urge to buy them - and that is better for our weight and waistlines!
    Hope you source your black trousers soon. Like you, when I get a pair that fit, I wear them till they are threadbare.
    blessings xx

  2. 4 pairs of trousers torn in the last 2 months (1 today) :-(

    I will try and find another pair on $1 days at the op shops.

    I really hate shopping in commercial shops now days.

    Need to also loose some kilos so the ones I have left are not so tight.

  3. Hello I quite agree cake is expensive in some places. Slices dont look that big either!, not like a homemade slice. Things do add up quite easily.
    I dont like shopping for denim jeans. Last place I got my trousers was asda.I do like M&S always a good choice.

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your comments. I think I may try and lose some weight myself, I do need too. Then I could perhaps get some in a smaller size. :-)

  5. Hi
    £1.60 was cheaper than Percy Throwers Garden Centre in Shrewsbury - there you pay £1.90 for a mug of tea that tastes like dishwater!
    Hope you get the trousers you want soon

  6. Hi Miss Piggy Bank.
    I've left an award for you on my blog. You don't have to accept it but it's just to let you know I really enjoy reading your blog.

    I too am like you. I wear clothes until they are dropping off me. Bought a pair of jeans in the charity shop last week because I got a hole in my old faithful jeans. They only cost me £3.00 and they look like new and fit great.