Sunday, 30 June 2013

Still trying to live better for less

Hi Bloggers and thank you to my new followers, please drop in from time to time.

When I began my blog it was in the main about living better for less. I still try to do this and try and source bargains wherever possible. I have managed to get a few cheeky bargains recently from the British Heart Foundation charity shops. Recently I got a brand new Kipling bag , although someone had removed the monkey! I got this for £5.99 and the bags retail in excess of £30 brand new. Today I got a Tula leather bag, although second hand for £3.99. It was in excellent condition with no nasty lingering smells or scratches and I have seen a similar bag online for £47.

Food wise I have managed to get some bargains and these will go in the freezer for meals later in the month:
Warburtons loaf 45p reduced from £1.49
Leeks 25p reduced from £2.09
Egg custards 19p reduced from 69p
2 packs of diced lamb 89p per pack reduced from £5 each
Pack of diced beef £1.79 reduced from £4.99

And lastly two bunches of flowers 29p reduced from £2 per bunch ( they were on offer at £2- should have been £4 !!)

Bye for now x


Monday, 24 June 2013

Its six months until Christmas Eve......

Hello bloggers and I hope you are all well. Thank you to my new followers who now total 99, if anyone else would like to follow please do as 100 is a nice number !

The year is whizzing by so fast and today is 24th June which makes it six months until Christmas Eve. Even though it falls on the same day each year there will still be some headless chickens running around buying food, presents etc on Christmas Eve. Christmas is always one thing that I am very organised with as I like to do as little as possible in December with regards to shopping. I hate going round having to fight my way through crowds and dawdlers. I always buy things in advance to make it as stress free and as inexpensive as possible, and I have quite a stash already.

I have bought some wine which is on offer 3 for £10 from Asda. I like to have some in stock for any last minute presents I may have overlooked and also in case of any visitors. I will get some more between now and then. Also another lucky find was a big box of Thornton's chocolates ( the one the size of a tray ! ) They were £4.99 from Home Bargains with long dates well into the New Year. I have bought two boxes to give as gifts to relatives. Then I saw them in Tesco, same sized box for £13.99. Needless to say I was very happy with my bargain. Have you started Christmas shopping yet, if so what bargains have you managed to get ? Cheerio for now x