Thursday, 5 May 2011

Another school project - on a budget

My daughter is learning about the Greeks at school and sure enough school send a letter home to advise they need to come dressed as a Greek Goddess for Greek Day at school. When I was at school we always made our own costumes and that was all part of the fun but nowadays parents tend to just order everything off the Internet and subsequently all the kids look the same. So I told my daughter we would make our own! I started the costume by 'stealing' a skirt that my mom had put in the charity shop bag. It was a brand new ( with tags!) white linen skirt from Marks and Spencers. I cut off the waist band and diagonally cut the skirt to make arms and a neckline. I then sewed it at the top to make wide shoulder straps. I don't have a sewing machine and I didn't want to pay a seamstress to do it , so I sewed it a few times to reinforce it. Once on ,it was the perfect length although a little bit see through so my daughter wore some white leggings underneath and last years summer sandals , that still fit. I needed some bits and pieces to adorn the outfit. I initially thought about gold ribbon for a belt, none in stock so off we went to a local fabric shop. Inside they had a bargain bin of oddments so we had a mooch through. Curtain tiebacks were in there for £1.50 a pair. I found the perfect gold tieback which was originally £31.99! When I got to the till we were charged 75p ! I cut the regal tassel off the tie back ( it was too big and heavy to keep on) and there was a good length of rope to go around her waist and shoulders. From a local Oxfam shop I found the gold brooch and the bangle at £1 each. So here is the finished costume, cost £2.75..... what do you think?


  1. Well done.
    Much cheaper and much more original the a Ebayed costume.
    A real little Goddess.

  2. Hi thanks for dropping in!. I remember my daughter doing greek day too. Your daughter looks great in her outfit.
    Look forward to dropping in again on this frugal journey x

  3. You've done a wonderful job, your little girl looks like a Grecian goddess, I'd wear that outfit myself. xxx
    PS Have you tried Chef Vijay in Bradford Street? South Indian food at it's finest (very different to the usual North Indian meny).

  4. She looks great! You have made a lovely costume for very little money, well done.