Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fish Pie Ambitions

One of my culinary ambitions is to make my own fish pie. It sounds simple but given the various ingredients I don't want to mess it up. Last week when we were out shopping we came across some fish stock cubes and salmon fillets , both reduced. I have never bought the stock cubes before , they were reduced from £1 to 25p so I thought I'd give them a try. There is also the added bonus of a fish pie recipe on the back so for my first venture I will follow that recipe. The salmon fillets my husband spotted at the supermarket reduced from £3 to 49p. ( He also picked up the breaded camembert reduced from £3.50 each to 39p each). The plan is to pick up the ingredients when I see them reduced ,freeze them and then when I get everything I need , I can get cooking. The recipe suggests adding boiled eggs in the pie but I will give that a miss ! I just need to pick up cod, haddock,and large prawns. The recipe sounds so delicious I can hardly wait !


  1. If you shop in a Sainsburys with a fish counter, check out whether they have the 'fish pie mix' - at the end of the day, they often put bags of bits'n'pieces together and its lovely in a pie. I made one this week - but we didn't eat it all. So the next night, Bob combined the fish inside and the potato topping to make fabulous fishcakes for our next evening meal. [Coated in breadcrubs and oven baked]
    I do not put boiled eggs in mine cos I dont like them!
    Looking forward to hearing how your pie turns out

  2. Thanks for that Angela, I will ask next time I go. Thanks also for the fishcake tip I will try that out as well. xx