Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Still exercising

Hi Bloggers and hope you are keeping well. Not much happening here not at least to write about anyway. I have been continuing with my exercise regime since the beginning of the school holidays , which for me is massive as I usually throw in the towel after the first few attempts. I have been going to zumba at least twice a week sometimes three. I feel so much more energetic and capable. I went to a party two weeks ago and whereas normally I might muster a dance and then sit down puffed out, I was up bopping away for some considerable time and didn't feel the need to call an ambulance thereafter. Also I have managed to lose weight, since I first weighed myself four weeks ago, I weighed in again this week and have lost a total of 2.8 kilos which I am very pleased. I even wore a knee length skirt to work which caused nearly all my colleagues to comment upon , as I usually wear a long skirt for work. I have a dress that I am hoping to slim into, so all being well I could wear it at Christmas if I am lucky. Bye for now

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Starting back at college

Last year I went back to college. I bit the bullet and decided to improve my maths. I got a grade D at GCSE and I could retake it for free thanks to my local council. As my GCSE was older than 3 years, I had to take a City and Guilds exam in Functional Maths first. This is a qualification in itself but also a bit of a refresher for people like me who have been out of the school system for many a year ! We took the exam in July and I was most pleased to receive my certificate the other day to say I'd passed. The college advised us that we could finish with that or continue with the GCSE which will be done over one year quite intensively. I have signed up for another year and start back next week. Although at times I found the class hard to fit in with my other commitments in adult life , I persevered. I only missed two classes in the year when I was ill and caught up quickly. I enjoyed being back in the class room environment, mixing with other people and doing the homework. I also liked receiving my homework back , more often than not, all correct and welcomed the encouragement from my tutor. I liked college so much that I toyed with the idea of also doing Sociology but decided against it this year. Because the Maths will be intensive I want to give it my full attention and get the best grade I can. I really want to improve upon my school grade to prove to my self albeit 20 years later that I could do it. I plan to do the other course next September as I want to continue learning but probably will be all Maths'd out by then and fancy a change. A big bonus for me is that I can understand and discuss my daughters homework with her, whereas before it was a bit daunting. It will be hard work for me over the next year but in real time its only until July with a few school holidays in between.