Thursday, 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas

Wishing you all health and happiness wherever you are this Christmas xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Pre Christmas Chazzing

I had a quick venture out of the house today. I went into a nearby town for a bit of shopping and to look in the charity shops. I saw a pair of brand new black leather Hotter shoes. Slight heel but with a twist pattern on the front , would have been nice for work and at only £6 a real bargain. The downside, they were a size 9. I did try them on, just in case, but they were like boats. My size is 7.5/8 but the 9 was just too big. Its probably why they are still sat on the shelf , as in a smaller size they would have been long gone ! I did however come away with something. I spotted a dark brown Kipling bag, used at £4.49. Its style is called 'Robin' and its more of a handbag style than rucksack or holdall. It was in very good condition apart from some marks on the inside. I've put it through on a quick wash and the marks seem to have all gone. I'm pleased with the bag as they can be quite expensive new but they are practical , washable and fold up easily unlike rigid leather bags. 

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Its been over a year since my last post......

Sorry for such a long absence, things have kind of gotten in the way. Firstly thank you to those who have sent messages, much appreciated. Don't know where to start really so should start where I left off;

Personal loss - Back in the summer of 2014 I miscarried, the two other babies of friends and family that were due the same time actually both arrived on the same day. Luckily it was a day off work so when I received both sets of news I was at home , very upset naturally but pleased for the new parents. It was tricky as other family members were talking about the new arrival, inside I was torn in two but had to have a happy face. I was dreading seeing the baby for the first time from the point of view that once I held it , I may turn into an emotional wreck and how due you explain that to other people who don't know. As it happened , it was fine , I made it through the afternoon. The new baby is nearly a year old now. I still find myself at random times with tears rolling down my cheeks, less than before but it still happens. Part of my healing process was seeing a counsellor. She advised me that I was holding back from doing things and moving forwards in other areas, which in some respects wasn't fair to my husband and daughter. I agreed I had to push myself to start enjoying things again which in turn led to other things......

Travel - In respect of moving on and enjoying life with my family, I went out and booked a trip to America. We had ten great days and hired a car , staying in motels along a section of Route 66. We had a great time, lots of fun and hundreds of fabulous photos. I look at those pictures and think of what a great time we all had together. We have also been to Europe which was great and a lot of fun. No travel agent involved, just us hopping on and off trains, trams and buses. Again hundreds of photos, happy memories. We also rejoined the National Trust. Quite a few days out enjoying stately homes and gardens, not to mention lots of tea and cakes.

Family history - I spent considerable time researching both mine and my husbands family trees. One set of great grandparents lived in Garrison Lane, Birmingham around the time of the Peaky Blinders. Having checked the names of the notorious gang, Gt Grandpa luckily isn't one of them !

Chazzing - I would say 95% of my clothing acquisitions have been from charity shops. I rarely ever go High Street shopping now.

Work - I have changed jobs and now work full time. I'm not sure its the right decision, time will tell, its still early days. I may grow to love it, at the moment its like learning a foreign language.

General - I have an impending big birthday this month, but I'm unwell at the moment so due to medication, illness , fatigue and general errgghhh, I wont be having any raucous celebrations on the day itself. Maybe postponed for a few weeks until my batteries are recharged.