Saturday, 24 November 2012

Acts of Kindness

Evening all and hope you are well, safe and tucked up nice and warm. It is horrible, rainy and blustery where I live and I am now in for the night !
I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I feel I haven't got anything to say or that anyone would want to read. I am still reading other blogs but like other areas in real life I feel lacking in enthusiasm. Maybe its the winter blues but today I was perked up a little by two acts of unexpected kindness. First was a gift from a work colleague. A dress , worn once, that she has no use for and wondered if I may like it. I tried it on at home and it looks OK. It is not one that I would have picked up off the peg but trying it on ,it does look OK. Maybe I should broaden my horizons and try different things. That said I rarely go clothes shopping as I find it such a bore and a chore, but now I have a nice new outfit. If I could shed a pound or two ( or ten) it would look even better.
Second unexpected act of kindness was a card through the post with some photographs in. Recently a great uncle of mine passed away whom I only met once or twice many years ago. A relative ,who I don't see often, went to the funeral and was given some photographs by my uncles widow. The relative copied the photos and sent me a copy. The pictures were of my great grandparents who died long before I was born. One photo was of my great grandfather in his World War One uniform, the other of my great grandmother looking smart in her coat and hat, maybe in the 1930's?  I had never seen a picture of them before today and I was really surprised to receive the card .I will be penning a thank you letter later on this evening. Bye for now x

Thursday, 8 November 2012

New phone

Good afternoon and welcome to two new followers Kerry and Monica Luis, thank you both for joining.

My mobile phone is about five years old. It was my husbands before mine and has worked well until about a week ago. The screen keeps disappearing and going all strange I decided it was time to replace it. Now I am not fussed about gadgets and certainly not bothered about I Phones etc , all  I need is to be able to make a call and send text messages. I am also keeping my existing £5 Virgin simcard which gives me free calls to other Virgin mobiles, 100 free minutes and unlimited text messages. I can go on the Internet at 30p a time but I never do. My old phone was a basic Nokia and suited me fine for a long time. I looked on line at various phones but I wanted one with digits to press and not a touch screen, again I'm not into the gadget thing so not bothered about touchscreen. We went into Tesco last night and I bought one off the shelf for £40. It is a Nokia handset ,sim free and Virgin compatible, with a more modern QWERTY keyboard. I'm really not fussed about Facebook,Twitter and other social apps to be with me 24/7 as I carry my phone around and I don't see the point of expensive phones and contracts. So today I am having a play and finding out how the new phone works. All my contacts have been successfully transferred over so hopefully no one has been left behind on the old phone. TTFNx

Friday, 2 November 2012

Hello :-)

Good evening and welcome to my new follower Cornish Claire, thanks for joining.

I haven't felt much like blogging lately. I was in America last week , in New York and came back just before the storm hit. Its hard to chat about 'your good time' when a day or two later everything is in chaos and people have been killed.

Bryallen from the Frugal Graduate blog asked me some questions so here are the answers ;
1. If you were the prime minister/president for the day, what would you change?
Without sounding too political , I would try and make the UK a better and fairer place for all those hard working ,decent , law abiding citizens who have payed into the system all their lives.

2. Do you have a nickname? What is it?
Nicknames vary according to my husbands mood !

3. Why do you blog? (Stolen from Pamela!)
Because I enjoy it ( most of the time )

4. What was the last film you saw and was it any good?
Men in Black 3 on the flight and it was OK.

5. What is your favourite thing about yourself?
I can sleep on a clothes line !

6. What was the first CD/tape/record/mp3 (whatever it was) you ever bought?
A record by Chas & Dave, 'Margate ' - how embarrassing !

7. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?
America, everytime :-)

8. How do you get to work?

9. How would you spend your last day on Earth?
With my loved ones.

10. What was your first job?
At fast food outlet.

11. Where is your favourite place
Home :-)