Monday, 23 May 2011

How to clean your make up brushes.....cheaply

I don't wear make up often but I do have some and I think I will start wearing it as it is a waste to have things lying around unused. The make up is from my previous life buying expensive products and rarely using them. I decided to get my brushes out and give them a clean. The brushes themselves were expensive and as I am not spending that kind of money again it will pay me to take care of them. Make up brush cleaner can be expensive and the high end brands can be over £10. I have heard of people using baby shampoo so I thought I'd give it a try. When I looked at the baby shampoo in the supermarket I initially looked at Johnson's, it was about £2 per bottle but as I looked around I noticed the supermarkets own brand lurking on the bottom shelf at a more respectable 17p per bottle. I guessed that as it is a baby product it must be of a certain standard and not too chemically. I rinsed the brushes then washed them individually in the shampoo and then rinsed again. I left them to lie flat for a few hours on a flannel , then overnight standing in a cup by an open window. This morning they were dry, revitalised, feeling soft and ready to use again. I did wash my daughters hair with the shampoo last night. I wouldn't use it again for actual hair washing as it didn't lather up enough and it didn't seem to spread into the hair as easily as a regular shampoo. I will however definitely use it again for cleaning the brushes, well worth 17p !


  1. I love Sainsbury's Basics range. Not so keen on Asda Smartprice stuff though - their cleaning products seem a little 'harsh', and their foodsstuffs have a high water/sugar content.

    But this was a good reminder to go and sort out MY make-up brushes, thanks!

  2. Hi Angela, I was just reading your blog about the soap ! Brush cleaning is one of those jobs that I always seem to forget to do, Kim and Aggie would probably give me a lecture about bacteria ! All clean now though and ready to use.