Friday, 20 May 2011

£5 off at Morrisons

A kind colleague gave me a £5 off coupon for Morrison's that came in the newspaper at the weekend. I hadn't intended to go shopping but as we were running perilously low on toilet rolls and other items I thought I could go and stock up and get the £5 off. We were low on other store cupboard ingredients as well. Tea bags were on offer £4.19 a box or 2 boxes for £5 so they went in the trolley. We found some reduced meat which we put in the trolley although the freezer is fit to burst. We got 2 lamb leg steaks for 45p each reduced from £3.19 each, a pack of beef braising steak 25p reduced from £2.92 and 5 packs of sweet chili chicken fillets 35p each reduced from £3 each  = £24.30 of meat for £2.90 ! To get £5 off you had to have a minimum spend of £40 so I was adding it all up around the store. At the till it came to £39.55 ! I had to throw a chocolate bar in to get it up to £40 so I could use the coupon.


  1. Great result. I never seem to get bang on the total. I get seduced as i walk round the store. My only hope is to not go in the first place to hang on to my pennies.

    Maybe you need to eat some of your stash now though. If i were feeling brave i would post you a photo of my pantry.

  2. Its half term next week so we will begin to much our way through the freezer !