Thursday, 21 March 2013

Budget Stories

Good afternoon bloggers and thank you to those who left me kind messages yesterday, they are very much appreciated.
I have been reading details about the Budget in the newspapers. Its just the same old stuff really that you can have no control over. What interests me are the stories that follow in the days after where people tell their stories about how the Budget will affect them. There is a story today about a couple who earn over £90k p/a and they talk about being worried about childcare and money. Is it me or what ?? Are these people indicative of everyday families ? In my experience they are not. Our family income , which is joint, comes nowhere near £40k however people band these figures of £40k, £50k, £60k etc around like they are insignificant amounts. I find it hard to be sympathetic towards these high earners when there are thousands of low income families genuinely struggling for the necessities in life rather than the niceties in life. What do you think ?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Not being at my best

Hello bloggers and thank you to those of you who have sent me kind messages in my absence. I have'nt blogged for about six weeks. I have looked at other blogs but have not had the energy or enthusiasm to do my own. A lot of bloggers feel from time to time that they have nothing worthy of writing and I have been in that camp myself. That still hasnt changed but I felt today like writing something whilst I was in an upbeat mood. In real life things have also taken a back seat. In reality I know that I have nothing to be down about , I have a happy home , husband and child and that things are ok but certain situations occur and thats what has bought me down. Often the actions of others. I am a ' dweller' and that is part of the problem. I have been told recently that life is like a river and that things should float away but that I am hanging onto stuff and not letting it float past me. In some respects that is true but you cannot help who you are or how you deal with things. I have also had a 'persona non grata' situation , with me being the 'persona'. In hindsight this has been on the horizon for a while but I failed to pick up the tell tale signs. I have now turned a corner with this situation and it no longer eats at me like it once did, perhaps I am letting it float past. In the last two weeks there have been a few positives happening so it seems that things are changing and maybe getting better. You could compare it to Narnia when all the snow melted and the spring returned. One of the positives is that we have booked a holiday in a few weeks so we are all looking forward to that. So dear bloggers thats all for now , I hope to speak to you again soon xx