Tuesday, 3 May 2011

More Food Bargains

I have been to Sainsburys this evening and picked up some reductions. The freezer is now full to the brim but this should last us a good while. I have tried to capture everything as best as I could on the photograph. Here's what I bought;
Cooked Chicken Breast - reduced from £2 to 59p - bought for sandwiches
Cooked Ham with garlic and sage - reduced from £1.99 to 59p - bought for sandwiches
3 tubs of pasta sauces; three cheese and carbonara - reduced from £1.40 each to 49p
Spaghetti Bolognese - reduced from £1.78 to 59p
6 Pork Sausages - reduced from £2.59 to 79p
Coq Au Vin - reduced from £6.00 to £1.49 ( serves 2)
Puff Pastry -reduced from £1.20 to 39p
2 packs of kippers - reduced from 89p each to 39p
Mashed Potato - reduced from £1 to 39p
Garlic Baguette -reduced from 90p to 30p
Pizza Express Vitabella Pizza - reduced from £3.99 to £1.39
Ham Pizza -reduced from £1.65 to 79p
Tomato & Garlic Pizza Bread - reduced from £1.69 to 79p
Lamb Neck Fillets - reduced from £13.67 to £4.86

Some of it is for quick meals and accompaniments. The pastry I want to have a little dabble at making things. The lamb neck fillets is something I have read/heard about before but I have always found it to be expensive so I thought I would buy it on offer and give it a go. Need to look up some recipes but a fellow shopper said the neck is very nice and has a sweet taste. The Coq Au Vin looks delicious, it has 4 chicken breasts in so probably would serve more than 2 and you couldn't buy the breasts for £1.49. My husband likes Pizza Express but if you eat in , it is very costly. I hope to stay away now from the supermarket for a while and just eat whats in stock.

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  1. Great haul! You can't beat a little yellow sticker! xxx
    PS Yes, I'm a fellow Midlander, Mill Lane is my favourite car boot but I also go to Dark Lane and Barracks Lane, too.