Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Your Hired

Its that time of the year when The Apprentice comes back and each week we tune in. Tonight Lord Sugar sent his candidates off with a shopping list of items that they had to get for the cheapest price. I sent my husband out to pick up his salad for work , by himself with out Karen or Nick to watch over him. He did well. He came back with the salad and a few other items. He followed my route round the supermarket picking up the whoopsies as he went. This is what he bought ; Leaf salad 20p reduced from 95p, Spinach & Rocket salad 20p reduced from £2, Pate 27p reduced from £1.33, Blueberries 30p reduced from £2, Mini Sausages 19p reduced from £1, 2 Pizza Express Pizzas 59p each reduced from £4 each and my personal favourite, almond croissants 50p reduced from a £1. Frugal Apprentice, Your Hired !!


  1. Hehehe :0) whenever I tell hubby to nip to the shops I tell him to check the reduced sections...last time he came home with 15 packets of 10 sausage rolls! as they were down to i cant fit much else in my freezer :0) xxx

  2. That would be my husbands idea of food heaven !