Saturday, 14 May 2011

Chinese Food Friday

Last night we had Chinese food for tea, home cooked of course. We started with a noodle kit. These are on sale at Morrison's at £2.99 per box but we had ours from Home Bargains at 99p per box. The kit included meat marinade, ginger & black bean sauce, shitake mushrooms and noodles. We bought some diced chicken from Tesco which was £2.19 for 365g and also some fine green beans which were 40p reduced from £2. Added to that was some mushrooms, onions and carrots from our stock . We also added beansprouts 50p and prawn crackers 35p both from Asda. The individual ingredients come to £4.43 so you could round it up to £5 to include the mushrooms, onions and carrots. So for three of us, you are looking at £1.66 per each. There was loads, it was really tasty and we had seconds. I have a flyer from a local takeaway and their equivalent Black Bean Chicken is £4.00,  Plain Soft Noodles £2 and Prawn Crackers £1.20. You would need probably more than one portion of chicken from the takeaway as each portion tends to be bulked out with veg. The photo doesn't really do it justice, it was tastier than how it looks !


  1. Bargain Take Away!

    The other night friends called as they wanted to meet at the beach and eat Pizza in 20 minutes. I was at my garden plot. So I said "Okay but I'm saving money so racing home to cook and Bring My Own food". They said "Are you sure you can cook that quick?"

    I sure can with what I have in my fridge. I had supermarket veggie burger patties. Put them in the pan and as they cooked I buttered bread, grated carrot, shredded some lettuce, sliced cheese, found the tomato sauce - put it all together, wrapped it in aluminium foil. Placed it all in our basket with a bottle of cold water, plates and cups and chopped up fruit.

    We were there in 20 minutes - and instead of paying $30 for a pizza we had our veggie burgers that cost us about $6 for the 3 of us. Instead of waiting 20 minutes at the Pizza Restaurant waiting for our order, we just cooked at home.

  2. Now thats what you call fast food !