Sunday, 15 December 2013

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Evening bloggers. We have put the tree up earlier today so now we have it to look at in the lounge for the next few weeks. It really makes it feel like Christmas. Unlike other years I have not put lots of other decorations around, its just the tree. We don't really have a colour theme , we use the same decorations each year which are traditional colours and fairy lights. I want to try and have a go at making a Christmas wreath but that will be next weekends project time permitting.  

Friday, 13 December 2013

Daughters party dress for £1

Morning bloggers and hope you are well. I wrote earlier this week about my charity shop finds and that I struggle to find anything for me however yesterday I found a nice little number for my daughter who now fits in a size 10. I saw a tiny charity shop I'd never been in before and found a dress by Asos , in whats looks like new condition for a £1. The dress is like a pale cream brocade type material with gold thread/detail ( very similar to the dress I tried at Vintage Vixens stall ) it would look equally good for Christmas as it would for a wedding. Nice capped sleeves with a band around the waist, it fits perfectly. My daughter was really pleased with it.

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fabulous day for freebies

Today I have had freebies that have not cost me a thing. I collect my supermarket points and during this month I have been able to double the points vouchers instore on certain items. Having scrutinized the offers we decided upon a new camera, a Nikon that would have cost £109. The supermarket had also sent me a £5 off coupon for their direct service so we ordered the camera, took the £5 off and the remaining £104 was covered by the doubled up points. They had also sent me a coupon for a free box of matchmakers so we thought we'd pick those up at the same time. My husbands was highly delighted when he went off to get the chocolates and came backed armed with three boxes. This week they were on offer at buy one get another two free. So we came away with a free camera and three free boxes of chocolate :-)

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Todays date 11/12/13

Apparently there won't be another date like this for 90 years :-)

Cathedral City Chazzing

Yesterday I had the day off work and spent the day at the lovely cathedral city of Lichfield which is just down the road from where I live. Lichfield is a lovely place, beautiful cathedral, nice park and lots of old buildings. Not to mention quite a few charity chops. Normally I don't have much luck at the charity shops, being a plus size the finds for me are few and far between. In the first shop I saw a beautiful pair of T Bar healed shoes in forest green leather made by Jones the Bootmaker, new and unworn at £8.99. Very excitedly I tried them on to find that they were way too tight so I reluctantly had to put them back on the shelf. Moving onto the next shop I was just about to leave when I spotted a black peplum style top made by Autograph for M&S. Tried it on and it fitted just right so that was £6.50. In the last shop of the day I came across my second find which was a party type dress. Knee length plain black body with a round jewelled embellished neckline and chiffon type long sleeves and cuffs. Tried this on and it was a perfect fit and did look good if I do say so myself. The sales assistants and a fellow shopper all commented how nice it looked so I snapped that up at £9.99. Both have been quick washed since I got home and the dress was hung on a hanger and to my delight does not need ironing, if only all clothes were like that ! So although they were not super duper charity shop bargains I got two items for less than £17 which I am really pleased with. Pity about the shoes but you cant have everything.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

When Miss Piggy met Vintage Vixen

Hello bloggers and welcome to my new follower, thank you for joining me. I've wrote recently that I hadn't anything to blog about but today I have ! I went to a Christmas Craft Fayre earlier today and who did I spot across the room but none other that local lass and blogging royalty Vintage Vixen who had a pitch at the event. Vix looked resplendent in a long white Grecian type gown and just as lovely in real life as we see on the photos on her blog. Feeling a little starstruck I went over and introduced myself but I'm afraid there is no photo as I am too shy ( I know its silly but that's me ! ) I did try on a lovely dress from her stall but unfortunately it didn't fit however I didn't come away empty handed as I bought a pair of pearly clip on earrings that I will be wearing over the festive season. I have been reading Vix's blog for nearly three years now and it was nice to meet her in the flesh. The fayre was great and like an Aladdins cave full of goodies, I shall definitely be going next time around. If you haven't read Vix's blog yet be sure to check it out at

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

It has been a while since my last blog ............

Hello bloggers and hope you are keeping well. I haven't blogged in quite a while but firstly thank you to those of you who have sent me messages and kind wishes xxx. I haven't blogged as I haven't felt I had anything to say to be honest , I still read other blogs and comment from time to time. For me this year has been a bit of a weird one in ways that I can't go into publicly. Areas of myself have changed, hopefully for the better. I no longer ( or at least try not to ) let the words/actions of others grind me down like I did previously. I try and be a better friend to myself. Amazingly by my standards and lack of will power, I continue to go to my exercise class twice a week which I have been doing since the summer. I have lost about 5kg in weight and this has enabled me to dig out some old stuff from the wardrobes which people have complimented me on. '' Nice shoes/trousers/skirt'' etc friends and colleagues have mentioned but its all old stuff, nothing new. Same with make up, I have lots in stock bought in the bygone era of shopping trips and days out. I've started wearing it now and people have noticed which I find awkward. I find it awkward when people compliment it me as I'm not used to it, I have been a bit of a frump for so long I suppose you get used to going unnoticed. I had my hair cut , shorter than usual and more choppy. As I sat there I didn't feel consumed with dread as it was being snipped off, I was feeling quite brave and not worried like I would have been before. Socially my ( our ) life has improved, since moving house we have made more friends and have been out more. Don't get me wrong we are not out all weekend clubbing but the occasional drink and meal with friends has been very nice and a welcome change. I am still at college and sit my exams in the summer. The work can be hard but I have enjoyed the challenge and meeting new people. I'm intending to do another course in September, something different but to keep the old grey matter ticking along. Frugally, I still like to save money and cut costs where possible. I have been able to keep up my mortgage overpayment that I started last year which I am really pleased about but I am making sure that I am enjoying life now. Lots of people have mixed views on this but I have seen so many people over the last couple of years robbed of their retirement through ill health and bereavement I feel its important to enjoy yourself whilst you still have the physical means to do so. We had a great family holiday this year that we all thoroughly enjoyed and we hope to do the same next year, money permitting. My daughter is about to become a teenager soon and she wont always want to be with 'Mom & Dad ' so these times I feel are precious. So as this year comes to a close I feel I'm in a good place/ Bye for now :-)