Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Death of a cake stand

As I mentioned previously, I always like to have a rummage at the church table top sale. Before Christmas I found a cake stand ( I don't know why I bought it because I never eat cake - that is of course a bit fat lie !! ) When I asked the nice lady she pondered for a moment and then said 50p. I was highly delighted as they are so expensive to buy new. So my cake stand has been living with us happily , that is until yesterday when my husband dropped something on it. I was upstairs and heard the smash up there. When I came down half of it had smashed into tiny pieces. At least it was only 50p so no great loss but perhaps there is a message there somewhere to eat less cake ?


  1. Although it is not the price that's important but how much you loved it, it is still easy on the mind if the price was low. I'm sure you will find a new one. And don't worry about eating too much cake! You have to enjoy life now and then. :)

  2. RIP cake stand. Look in charity shops, they always get cake stands in and they sell them really cheap. Not as cheap as 50p though!

  3. I do have another cake stand, bought in a previous life for £18! If that one breaks then I will not be pleased !!!