Friday, 13 May 2011

Table Top Sale

My daughter goes to Brownies at the local church hall and each week they have a table laid out with various things for sale. I always have a look and see what goodies they have lurking around. One week I narrowly missed out on a huge box of Lego that cost £2. This week I have picked up the items on the photo. Two framed pictures for 75p each which will do very nicely for my walls. Also 5 tea cups, 5 saucers and 5 side plates which I intend to use for the rare occasions that I have tea and cakes. They cost £1.50 for 15 pieces, not bad at 10p per piece. 


  1. Great treasures!

  2. Bargain tea set!!! My kinda price and a very nice rose pattern also!!!

  3. Thanks Ladies. I'm going to keep looking to see if they put anything else out that matches the tea set.