Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Mystery is .....................

Welcome firstly to my new follower Mumasu. Thank you for joining and sorry for the delay in welcoming you.

I've been absent for a while now, but I can finally reveal why...... I have sold my house !!! Yes its gone and completed this week. We have moved into a rented property on a temporary basis so that we can look for a new place and be chain free. At the moment I am really busy and living like Steptoe with stuff everywhere but it is slowly been packed away. My decluttering

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bogged Down

Hello and welcome to my new follower Becky Bee, thanks for joining.

To be honest I am having one of those phases of being completely bogged down and overwhelmed. Its been a few weeks since my last blog and I haven't stopped. I have so much going on at the moment and feel like a piece of elastic being pulled back and forth.I feel so tired and worn down. |I have been working, working extra hours, hubby has been working away, I could just go on and on but I'm sure you don't want to hear me rattling on.
Being so busy has had its bonus, I haven't been to the supermarket and have been living out of the freezer. Have popped to the local shop for bread and milk etc but nothing drastic. I managed to take my old clothes to the cash for clothes place, I had two bags ( bin bag size ) and they weighed them and gave me £7. That pleased me as I was going out with some friends and it paid for my meal which was £6.95.
Yesterday the children broke up for half term. I plan to let my daughter have some friends over and she has also been invited to a birthday party/sleepover that she is looking forward too. I'm looking forward to a week off work and catching up on some sleep & housework.