Sunday, 27 March 2016

Beauty Box Gift Idea

I'm thinking of making up a beauty gift box for my daughter for Christmas. I have a nice sturdy Christmas gift box ( reused from previous years ) and lots of nice tissue paper to present it in. Yesterday I was in Boots and they had a clearance shelf with various items on. I picked up a bottle of OPI chip skip for £1.50 which usually retails around £10, some Nailene false nails for £1 usually £8 and some ORS shea butter hair oil for £1 usually also around £8. I also have in my own stock two Victoria Secrets lip glosses that were £2 each , reduced from £9 each , which I will put in the box as well. So far I've spent £7.50 and have some very nice goodies ready to gift.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

300th post and 5 years of blogging.

This month sees the fifth anniversary of my blog with this post being my 300th. Life takes over sometimes and posts can be sporadic. I'm not a blogger who is interested in getting the most page views or getting any kind of freebies or sponsorship. I started blogging because I was interested in reading about likeminded people and their stories. I also like picking up tips from other people and applying them in my own everyday life. Five years seems to have gone rather quickly, here's to the next five years !

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Fun sunday

Today I have thrown routine out of the window. Got up , got ready and went out for the day. Didn't cook the sunday lunch. Have made sandwiches for tomorrow and put washing on the line before we went out , other than that just winged it ! The sun was shining and off we went.
Tonight I have tried to catch up with some of my favourite blogs. Its a short week this week so I'm not too worried about the usual routine.

Sunday, 13 March 2016


Hello bloggers and hope you are all well. I haven't been reading blogs for a while now so I was pleased to see some old favourites that  have decided to return. I am trying to catch up and read all the latest posts. I am quite busy myself in my everyday life. I mentioned previously that I had started a new job. Well since then I have started another !! My current job is much better, nicer people, better hours and better workload. I had reservations about my last job , that it was a big mistake, which were confirmed when I returned from sick leave to nastiness from colleagues. Having been offered something else I was glad to be out of the door and left them too it ! Life is too short ! I had worked part time for years until last summer when I decided to increase my hours. All in all , it hasn't been too bad and we have all coped with the change in our routine at home. I do however have to be more organised with cooking and washing but I'm slowly getting into a routine and of course the extra wages are very welcome.
I still enjoy charity shopping and source most of my things from the various shops I frequent. One recent lucky find was a brand new with tags duffel coat , made by Dash, priced at £9. The original tag was £99. I still like buying unusual things, last week I bought a seahorse brooch and today I bought a crystal rose bowl which I'm looking forward to displaying some lovely flowers in.
I'm not as frugal as I used to be but equally I don't have credit cards or any debts other than mortgage. I do still meal plan and I would like to be more thrifty especially with shopping. Bye for now x