Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Back to Work Blues

Today was my first day back at work. With the Easter break, shift patterns and a bit of annual leave I have been away for two weeks. I have to be honest had a good break , the weather has been good, have relaxed and the time has passed by at an acceptable pace not too fast like some holidays. Nevertheless today was complete pants. It sounds ridiculous but whenever I have time off I always feel weird when I go back in. I kind of have the feeling that you used to get if you were called to the headmasters office. I know its ridiculous to feel like that but I have never been able to shake it off. As I walk in through the main door , I wonder '' what has happened in my absence?''. Well the answer was not much. We have been short staffed so my work really hasn't been done so I spent today catching up. I also checked my emails to find an email addressed to me about a problem that someone at senior level had spotted. On our system it leaves a trail so you can see who has done something and when. Looking at the system it took me all of two seconds to see that the problem was not caused by me. Then I took five to take my heart out of my mouth ! Something like that sticks with me for the rest of the day and I am then paranoid, checking all my work. That aside it was nice to see my colleagues and have a bit of Royal Wedding chat. Back home for a nice cup of tea before I start making dinner. See you soon.


  1. Welcome to being normal xx Thats almost as identical as my day went xx

  2. Hiya

    I dread taking leave as you never know what you're going back to and there have been times when I've thought it wasn't worth taking the leave to have to cope with and sort out the issues that I have gone back to - I had 2 weeks off last year and went back to 235 emails all waiting for attention - Mad isn't it? Hope your week gets better

  3. I went back yesterday.

    I always feel like the new girl when I get back, feel insecure and wonder what did they find that I did wrong while I was gone.

    But nothing wrong, just a mountain of work to do and lots of catching up.

  4. Hi FDU, its amazing how you feel like you've had a good rest then after 5 mins back at work its like you were never away. A bit like Narnia !!