Monday, 30 May 2011

Small Snowballs

Its that time of the month again, payday is here and busy working out whats what for the forthcoming month. At the moment I feel demoralised and things aren't necessarily going to plan. I have let things slip and then that brings me down. I'm trying this month to be more organised, with money , my time and family life. Have paid £500 off the credit card, which in itself is not an insignificant amount but I would have like to have paid more. My target of having the card paid off by summer may now stretch into autumn. Still tomorrow is another day and you never know what the day may bring!


  1. I know it's hard sometimes but try to stay focused on the positive...£500 off your cc this month is a great amount! :)

  2. 500 hundred is great.

    Self Talk yourself positive things as you deserve a cheer!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

    The more you Self Talk yourself down the more you will think and act downnnnnnnn.