Wednesday, 18 May 2011

No Trousers But Five Dresses

Here is the blog that I was going to put on last week when Blogger went down. Sorry its a week late but better late than never. I went shopping that day with my mom to Shrewsbury. She has wanted to go there for a long time and we had never got around to it so as we were both free that day off we went. I had high hopes that I would succeed in the quest for black trousers but it wasn't to be. Instead I ended up buying five dresses which is surprising as I rarely show my legs ! We went into an outlet shop and I picked up four there. Now they are all black and it does look like I am off to a witches convention but I like black and I think you can team it up with different things, scarfs, accessories etc and break it up a bit.

The one with a cowl neck and belt should have been £37. It was 99p ! The v neck one should have been £35 and it was 99p! The scoop neck should have been £40 and it was £2.99 and the one with the ruffled front also should have been £40 and it was £3.99 . The blue dress was from another shop , should have been £40 and was on the sale rail at £7.50. This one also has the added bonus of a brooch on the waist.

I had originally intended to wear the 99p ones as winter house clothes as they are woolly but when I tried them on they are too good to lounge around in. The one with the ruffle looks completely different on, it is quite shaped and the material is the kind that seems hard to crease. The scoop neck also comes with a belt. The blue dress is quite floaty and has a bit of a ruffle at the side. The v neck looks good with a belt and you could wear it on its own or perhaps with some leggings or thick tights. Total Spend was £16.46 = 5 dresses, 2 belts and a brooch.


  1. What great finds! Classy looking dresses, too. xxx

  2. How fantastic to get such bargains! I have been putting off buying new winter clothes but since I'm down to jeans and a pair of tracksuit pants I think I've got to bite the bullet. Those dresses look really nice.

  3. Wow those are bargains. I think I would have come out with quite a few dresses too!Very nice ones too I might add X