Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ebay Bargain

I read recently on another blog how the lady had purchased some furniture locally from eBay. She had picked up various items at really cheap prices. I came across a site called '''' which is local items from eBay mainly for local pick up /collection only. I had a look for items within a ten mile radius. It is like an Aladdin's cave with all kinds of things for sale. I saw a sideboard for sale with a starting bid of £10. We have a messy corner at home and I thought this would come in useful to hide away all the clutter! Unfortunately husband forgot to put a bid on it and the auction ended. However he emailed the seller and they called us today to say that we could have the sideboard at £10. We have just been over to collect it and it is now in our front room ready to be filled up. Obviously it is not to every ones taste, I'm sure the 'uber' trendy amongst us wouldn't dream of having anything second hand but but it suits my need, hasn't cost a fortune and hasn't ended up in landfill. Here's a picture, what do you think ?


  1. It's a beautiful sideboard, I would certainly have it in my house. I will check out that site, thank you.

  2. Thank you. They have things starting at 1p, its hard to believe!

  3. Hello

    I think that's a brilliant bargain and a beautiful piece of furniture. I find that pieces like that last forever whereas some of the items you can pay an absolute fortune for in the shops (Argos and Ikea to name but 2) seem to fall apart at a moments notice. I like to move furniture round and in and out of different rooms and modern pieces just can't seem to stand the strain of being moved every few months! Well done - I'll definately check out that site.
    Best Wishes Sandra

  4. Totally agree about the high street shops. I think things are now built to be fashionable and disposable , to be replaced in 12 months time and not built to last. My nan still has her bedroom furniture that she bought as a newlywed 62 years ago!