Friday, 29 April 2011

Congratulations Mrs Windsor

I was one of the two billion audience today who watched the Royal Wedding. I thought it was a lovely occasion, Prince William looked very handsome and Catherine looked beautiful. I thought the dress was superb, the style suited her perfectly. They looked the picture of happiness as they rode in the open top carriage and Prince William borrowing his dad's car for the drive home made me smile. I am sure they will be very happy together. When we go to North Wales next we may pop over to Anglesey, you never know they may invite us in for tea and left over wedding cake !


  1. I was in that audience of two billion, too! I thought it was a beautiful wedding and I wish them every happiness. Do tell them for me when you have tea ;-)

  2. It was a beautiful wedding wasn't it?

  3. It was fabulous was'nt it Debbie, I wonder where they will go for their honeymoon?