Thursday, 7 April 2011

Duvet Day

Today has been a Duvet Day! My husband is working from home today and tomorrow and I put in a request for a Duvet Day. I had a lie in and he took our daughter to school. I did not get up until after 10am, how lazy is that ! I think we all need a lie in from time to time and today I needed it. I find that even if I go to bed early it does'nt feel the same as having a lie in. Tomorrow it will be my husbands turn but I will wake him as we leave for work/school as he still needs to work office hours even though he is at home. Not much done today I'm afraid. I have managed to do a quick freezer audit and made a meal plan for the next week. This is how it looks and its all from freezer/store cupboards;
Friday - Omelettes,
Saturday - Chinese Stir Fry with the 50p Pork Escalopes
Sunday - Gammon Joint ( This is a big joint , should have been £9 but reduced to £4 )
Monday - Leftover Gammon, Chips & Egg
Tuesday - Spaghetti and Meatballs
Wednesday - Scampi
Thursday - Beef Fajitas (using the £1 Stir Fry Beef)
Friday - Chicken Thighs, Freezer Veg and some left over mini sausages from Christmas still lurking in the freezer.

I think if I can last out until next week , I will then have to go and do a supermarket shop but I will have gone 3 weeks , only buying odd things when I have ran out. I'm interested to see how long the gammon joint will last us and if we could stretch it to a few sandwiches as well. Once the freezer is empty I think I will cook some meals in bulk like other bloggers.

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