Thursday, 21 April 2011

Car Tax Time

Years ago you often used to see cars with 'tax in the post' on the windscreen. Nowadays it is all computerised and you can't get away with that. We had our reminder yesterday and have renewed it on line. I always save money for the car tax as it is such an expense. We renew on line which although they charge £2.50 for the privilege , it outweighs the cost of driving 2 miles to the Post Office and back, paying to park then having the ordeal in the Post Office itself  ( our P.O is dreadful !!). However we had our renewal through and it quoted twelve months tax at £235 but when we logged in online it informed us it is now £245 !! In the small print it does say price can go up etc as the renewals are printed in advance. I'm sure that as they know your tax is up in April and the prices go up in April they could print the correct price. Anyway , Moan over !!! Here is a little something to make you smile. I know that prices have gone up but this is ridiculous !! My brother spotted this at a used car showroom last week. I wonder if it will sell ?????


  1. Just DON'T do what I did - the postman brought the new disc as I was going out of the door and I popped the eneelope in my schoolbag. On thursday, my pupils were doing a test, and I thought I would use the time to clear out my bag before term-end. I found the disc still waiting to be put in the car. this is April - said disc arrived in NOVEMBER!!
    thanks for comment on my blog
    Happy easter!

  2. I got my reminder last week and applied Saturday. I too paid £2.50 I didn't mind as it is a faff at the Post Office. However, it cost me £10.00 more than it said on the document. Like you say they must have known when they sent it to me - bah humgbug!! I dont think that car will sell do you!! ROFL!