Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Easter Break

Over Easter we were lucky enough to go away for a few days to one of our favourite places, North Wales. A good friend of ours has a holiday home in Betws y Coed and offered it to us as they had other plans. It is a beautiful place, the scenery is outstanding, the people are great and it really is a lovely place. If you have never been it is well worth a visit. We set off after work on Thursday and travelled down. We filled the car with everything we needed. We had a great drive down in the sunshine and a walk around the village when we arrived. On Friday we went into Llandudno, quick look round the shops and spent the afternoon at the beach. On Saturday it was a bit grey so we went to the cinema to see the kids film showing of the Chronicles of Narnia; Voyage of the Dawn Treader, cost £1 each ( had we have seen it when it was released in December we would have paid full price £7.40 per adult & £5.50 per child- not that I would have paid that !). On Sunday we went into the medieval walled town of Conwy, walked around the castle walls and spent the afternoon 'crabbing' at the harbour. My daughter will do this for hours and they sell bacon bait for the crabs at £1 for a small bag. We took our own - a 35p huge bag of bacon offcuts from Morrisons that I saw a few weeks ago and froze especially for the occasion. My daughter always trys to catch the ' Conway Crusher', a huge crab with one giant claw that nipped my husband about 2 years ago however we did not see him on this occasion. Also at the harbour was a Birds of Prey display and my daughter got to see an owl and various other birds which she was very pleased about. On Monday we visited the beautiful Penryhn Castle in Bangor using our National Trust membership. That is another lovely place to visit, an imposing castle and beautiful grounds and views. Then back home Tuesday. So that was our weekend, we had a great time, the weather was fantastic and it did'nt cost the earth.

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