Sunday, 10 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

Another glorious day today. After a nice breakfast we headed off to visit another National Trust property, this time Dudmaston Estate in Bridgnorth. Really nice drive through the countryside and the estate was lovely too. When we arrived the house wasn't open so we had a walk through the grounds. We walked though the Dingle and around the lake which was quite a walk. We had a nice mini picnic, some drinks and Nana's homemade cakes by the lake. Then a look around the house which was mainly an art gallery. One thing about NT properties is that some tend to have a second hand bookshop. My daughter found the book 'Bad Girls' by Jacqueline Wilson and was thrilled to find it priced at 10p. It is well thumbed but for 10p cant complain. My daughter made a friend at the play park and played for ages. The weather was great and it was hot and sunny all day. We came home and ate some of the gammon that I had cooked yesterday. It was really tasty and there is lots left for tomorrows meal.


  1. What is Gammon?

    Here "gamon" means "joking".

  2. Hi, Gammon is ham. You can buy a joint of Gammon which is what I bought , or you can get it sliced at the deli counter. Some people boil it and eat it with potatoes, or you can roast it. I had it yesterday with egg and chips ( naughty but nice)Having it again today with veg. Its tasty !Isn't it strange how it means something completely different elsewhere.