Sunday, 3 April 2011

Mothers Day

Happy Mother Day. I thought I would share with you today the gifts I have bought for my own mother. My mom is into baking so when I saw the cake stand I thought it would be ideal. I have seen cake stands recently and they are anything from £15 upwards. Mine is a porcelain stand and was originally £4.99 but I bought it in the January sales for £3. I also bought her an embroidered pillow from my daughter. I bought that last summer in a card shop sale , the full price was £7.99 but I paid £1.99. The card was 10p again bought in a sale, full price would have been £2.50. The silver wrapping paper was £25p per roll , bought again in January sales should have been £1.97. The bows were an absolute bargain, originally priced at £2 per pack. Again bought in the sales but the bag was ripped, they sold them to me for 5p !! When I got home and counted the bows there was only 1 missing ! The other card and wrapped present you can see are for my grandmother. The card was 29p reduced from £1. It is just a flowery card blank inside for your own message. Cards like this are great as they can be used for any occasion. The pink striped paper is actually recycled from a present I had for my birthday. I always salvage the paper if possible and reuse. If it is ripped or creased I just cut it down a little so it is like new. The present itself is a smaller embroidered pillow with a 'Nan' message on, that cost 99p instead of £5.99 bought at the same time as the bigger pillow. I always try and buy things ( money permitting ) if I see a good bargain throughout the year. Needless to say these pillows/cards are back to full price this weekend. I always try and buy paper in the January sales. I buy plain paper , like silver, that I can use throughout the year for any occasion. So my grand total spend for Mothers Day is £6.67 which includes the price for the paper & bows. I know that my mom will like the cake stand and find the pillow very funny for a long time to come. The £20 Mothers Day bouquets that are on sale in the shops will be on the compost heap in a few days.

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