Monday, 4 April 2011

Food Bargains

It will be two weeks on Thursday since I went to do a supermarket shop. I am trying to go as long as possible and live off what I have in stock and just buying the odd thing that we need such as milk or bread. I had to pop into the supermarket yesterday , so I ignored the trolleys and picked up a hand basket instead. I managed to spot a few bargains that went into in the freezer; Warburtons loaf 23p reduced from 95p, potatoes 50p reduced from £2.05, Beef Stir fry £1 reduced from £3.50 and Pork Escalopes 50p reduced from £1.94. I narrowly missed out on two packs of diced lamb reduced from £4 to £1 each. The eggs were a freebie ! Three duck and three hens eggs from one of my moms work colleagues. Although she has hens & ducks they don't eat eggs so if you bring her an egg box, she will return it complete with eggs ! How egg-cellent is that !! Wouldn't it be great if you could get all your meat so cheaply each week. I suppose its being in the right place at the right time. My dad got some T Bone steaks for 5p each one night by going to the supermarket as it was about to close. A blog I saw recently said the blogger got a £10 leg of lamb for 58p , wouldn't that be ''baa-verlous ! ''


  1. You got some great bargains. I hardly find any bargains, think I go in at the wrong time. Your doing great not visiting a super market for two weeks, well done!

  2. Hi Karen, I went just after 3pm and the store closes at 4pm.