Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Supermarket Shop

Tomorrow would have been three weeks since my last shop and today I had to go as I was pretty much out of everything. I spent £67 but I had to stock up on both food and other things. Managed to get washing powder at £3 instead of £5.50 and also stocked up on my daughters lunchbox drinks, on offer at £2 per 10 pack -usually around £3.50 full price. Bought 5 packs so 100 drinks should keep her going for a while at school! Timed it just right when I got to the meat aisle and the nice lady was putting out the reductions and I got first pickings. I got 2 beef silver side joints (reduced from £9.67 to £4.85 & £9.12 to £4.59), 3 packs of beef casserole (reduced from £3.19 each to £1.65) , a huge gammon joint (original price £8.79 -on special at £7 then reduced to £5.25), Kiev's ( original £2- on special £1 then reduced to 45p), Lamb shank ( £4.17 reduced to £2.09), Steak ( £2.50 to £1.25 ) and last but not least Indian snacks ( £1.20 to 40p). All the meat went straight in the freezer. The joints I intend to cook maybe on a Friday then we can eat from them all weekend saving time & energy. Muller yoghurt's were on offer 61p each or 12 for £2 =16p each. I also bought two 3L containers at 99p each. One of the things I intend to do is start batch cooking and I hadn't really got any containers big enough. Now I have no excuse !!


  1. Yes I like a bit of batch cooking - I like stretching meals out especially soup for the winter so much nicer than the tinned stuff. I shall never purchase tinned or packet ort carton soup again!!!

    Soap powder - what a bargain!!! My last finds were fairy non bio at 3.99 so I bought5 two!

    I like to get the deals on cheese and also butter as it typically keep s for a while! Excellent meat finds!!!!

  2. Hi Eeek. I ran my freezer down so the meat finds came at the right time. I did spend more than I intended but its not every day you get beef joints half price. Last week I cooked a gammon joint on Saturday and it lasted until Monday with some sandwiches for Tuesday. Thanks for your comment :-)

  3. Your doing really well getting all that yellow sticker meat. That lot will keep you fed for a while.

  4. Hi Karen , It was just down to timing had I have gone a few minutes later I'm sure it would have all been done. My freezer is now restocked but it is all reduced products. Apart from frozen veg I dont think I have anything in there full price. Yellow stickers are the way forward :-)