Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Reducing My Bills - Mobile Phone

I am trying to cut down on our monthly outlay and over the next few weeks a number of things are coming up for renewal. This year I am going to make time to ring around and get the best price instead of just accepting the renewal quote like I have in previous years. Today I have made a start by getting a better deal on my mobile phone. I don't like contracts and have had Pay As You Go for a number of years. It suits me, I don't use the phone excessively but when I text or call it is more expensive. My current provider is Vodaphone and I have been topping up £5 per month which gave me free weekday evening texts. Depending upon the content of a message I received, I would wait until 7.30pm and then reply ! Sometimes I had to top up again within the month, if you top up £10 per month you then got free weekend texts as well. I never really spent anymore then £10 per month. My land line is with Virgin and they advertised a £5 SIM only deal which is on a 30 day rolling contract. The deal actually finishes tomorrow and is for Virgin customers only. With that I get unlimited texts and 100 minutes per month. I can also call other Virgin landlines or mobile customers for free and as most of my family are on Virgin it should work out well for me. At least now if someone texts me at 3pm I can reply straight away without having to check my credit !!

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