Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Reducing my Bills - Home Insurance

Day off today so have been busy trying to get things done. Quick trip to the charity shop to donate two big bags of unwanted toys from my daughters bedroom. It pains me to get rid of certain things when I think how much I spent buying them and what good condition they are in but she has outgrown them and the clutter was getting ridiculous! Having time on my hands I thought I would make a call to see if I could get a cheaper quote for my home insurance. It is due to renew at the end of the month and I called another company to see how it compared. My existing insurer is a household name and I pay them £43.00 pcm for buildings and contents. We had a mailshot from a high street bank and they advertised a 15% discount. I gave them a call ( on their 0800 number of course ! ) and they offered me two policies to choose from. The first quote was based on unlimited cover at £29 pcm ! The second quote was on a like for like basis at £26 pcm ! I was really surprised to see how much I could save, I expected maybe a small difference but if I go for the second policy I would be saving £17 pcm / £204 pa. I will definitely be making a few more calls before the end of the month!!


  1. I don't know how much cover you need but I went through money supermarket and managed to get a quote for £173 (contents and building). I really cut down the contents cover because we hardly have anything left that's worth anything! lol :)

  2. Thanks Laura, thats a good point. I could make an inventory of each room and see how much it comes out at and reduce the contents cover accordingly. I will add money supermarket to my list to call for quotes. Thanks