Saturday, 9 April 2011

Food Hall Waste

Today has been a really good day. The weather has been great and have got all the washing dried on the line outside. We have been to church, been to visit relatives and also been to the cemetery. My mom had baked cakes and gave us some to take home which will be gobbled up after dinner. This afternoon we had to go into town and whilst there we went into M&S. We had a look in the food hall, it was 5pm and you can usually pick up a few reductions before it closes at 6pm. We saw that the sales assistant on the fruit/veg section had a big container with items all dated today. My husband asked if she was reducing them and she said '' no, they are being taken off sale''. As we carried on round, there was another container with items in, steak pies, fish pies, rice dishes and various other things. My husband asked the sales assistant there if they were being reduced. The young chap said ''no, the reductions had already been done earlier in the day and that they were being taken off sale to throw away !! I was really surprised to hear this. From a retail of point of view there was still nearly an hour left of trading, surely it is more profitable to sell it at a discount than not at all. I could not believe what they were throwing away, it could have probably fed a family for a week ! Had I of had my camera with me I could have taken a picture to show you. On the plus side, we did get to sample some rose wine and some chocolate cakes. What do you think, does it go in the bin ? Or are the staff tucking into steak pie for tea tonight?

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