Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shopping Restraint at the Outlet

Today I went to a shopping outlet with my mom so she could buy a birthday present for my dad's birthday next week. Its hard to resist temptation as there were some good bargains but my desire to be debt free is stronger than having new additions to my wardrobe. That said , I did pick up a few bargains which I will list below. I can justify these as they will be needed later in the year when my daughter starts back at school in September. This is what I bought ; 2 M&S school shirts: ,usual price £14 bought for £3, Pack of 5 school socks ; usual price £7 ,bought for £3, 4 pairs of knickers; usual price £1.50 each, bought for 29p each and finally some Easter cards for next Easter. The cards were on offer buy 5 and pay for 4. I got 10 cards for 80p ! The original price was £2.75 per card !! So I got £27.50 worth of cards for 80p. I was pleased with my bargains, especially the school uniform as it can be so costly to kit children out for school.
Here is something that was on the doormat when we arrived at Betws y Coed. A flyer for a free event. They always seem to have such community spirit there and have these various events that everyone is welcome too. Its a shame that we missed the event as I would have been interested in going along to see what was going on. Do you have anything like this where you live ?


  1. You really got some good bargains, well done!

  2. Thanks Debbie.I only wanted to buy things I needed. Its hard as my mom kept picking things up saying its only £3 etc ! All those £3's add up though !!