Monday, 14 March 2011

Meal Plan Monday

Yesterday was lazy. I had intended to follow the good example of my fellow bloggers and create a meal plan for the week but I had never gotten around to it. I decided to make it after work today. I have been running down the freezer lately and the meal plan can incorporate the oddments. I have lots of frozen veg in stock and I had taken advantage of some special offers at the supermarket, various fruit & veg for 30p each. Also had a bag of potatoes for 30p. Here's how it looks;
Today - Spaghetti Bolognese - Mince beef about £1, mushrooms 30p, onions 10p, can of tomatoes 40p, pasta 50p, ciabatta 30p ( reduced from £1.19) salt , pepper and squirt of tomato puree. Total £2.60.
Tuesday - From the freezer - Salmon En Croute/fishfingers with potatoes/frozen veg  Total £4 approx.
Wednesday - Chicken casserole and mashed potatoes. Total £3.50 approx.
Thursday - Shepherds Pie with frozen veg = Mince £1, Potatoes/frozen veg £1. Total £2 approx.
Friday - Macaroni cheese . Total £1.50 approx
Saturday - From the freezer - Scampi, salad & potatoes wedges. Total £4 approx.
Sunday - From the freezer - Haggis, roasties & frozen veg . Total £4 approx.

My crude maths gets that to a total of £21.60 which averages £3.08 per meal , which is'nt bad as there are 3 of us. This is for our evening meals, we do take sandwiches to work/school and have cereal/toast for breakfast. A lot of the freezer stock is items that were reduced or on offer such as the salmon en croute and scampi. Once the freezer has been ran down, I could probably make up some cheaper meals. A family favourite is omelettes, good for using up leftovers !


  1. I love your nice layout for your blog.

    When I menu plan the stress is minimal, dollars saved and time mine!