Thursday, 17 March 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

We have been enjoying our meal plan menu so far this week but I could have incorporated an Irish stew for today had I remembered that today is St Patricks Day ! It got me thinking that we could have an 'Around the World' menu plan on certain days ie Burgers on American Independence Day, Turkey on Thanksgiving, Haggis on St Andrews Day etc etc.
Today I have a day off and have been busy doing housework , its a nice day and the washing line is full of washing blowing dry. When I am at home I like to open all the windows and let the fresh air circulate all around the house, I have enjoyed a frugal lunch ; omelette with mushrooms,onions and ham. It is simple and easy to make but it is so tasty.
Tomorrow me and my husband are going to a charity quiz night. We go twice a year and it is held at a local special needs school. The purpose of the evening is to raise funds for the school. You enter as a team of 4 paying £5 each. In with the £5 entry fee is a buffet and afterwards lovely cakes cooked by the pupils. You can also take your own drinks. During the break they hold a raffle, people bring along things ( usually unwanted gift sets/wine etc ) and these are given out as prizes. It can be quite comical as some people have won back the items they had donated! At the end of the night the winners & also the losers have a prize. All in all it is a good night for a worthwhile cause however each time we have the same problem - what to call the team ?????

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