Friday, 11 March 2011

Everyone loves a Freebie !

I always love a freebie and have lately been collecting the vouchers in the newspaper for the free Alton Towers tickets. Friends have collected them in previous years and have enjoyed a great day of free family fun whereas I did'nt know about the scheme and missed out . In fact when my daughter wanted to go last year for her birthday , and take a friend, we  went along and paid around £100 for the day out. It was a good day out and the two girls really enjoyed themselves but it was still a lot of money to spend.

This year I was determined not to miss out and have bought the paper religiously each day. So far I have not missed a voucher so should be able to apply for our tickets next week. The only downside is that they chose when you go , as you can't nominate a particular date only a 'time band'. Nevertheless it is still a great offer and if it comes through for a date we can't make , we could always give them away to a dear friend !

However along with the park vouchers to collect , there has also been some other freebies. On Saturday they was a coupon for a free six pack of crisps, normal RRP £1.56. We chose a new flavour, which ultimately we did'nt like so we were glad we had'nt paid for them. Today there is a coupon for a free tin of corned beef. Not everyones cup of tea but makes a nice corned beef hash! Tonight I am on Mom's taxi duty as my daughter goes to a kids club so I am hoping to pick it up , time permitting. My husband says it's just to get me into store to spend more money. It probably is ! I will have to go in with blinkers on, get the corned beef and leave promptly. The challenge is on !!!


  1. So had did the challenge go? Did you end up buying anything else that was NOT on your shopping list? :-)

  2. No I did'nt !! But I did have to buy a newspaper.