Monday, 28 March 2011

Pay Day

We had a great weekend. On Saturday I managed to get husband to clear out ''some'' of his wardrobe and we took a huge Ikea bag to the local charity shop. The shop assistant was really pleased as he says they don't get many donations of men's clothing. Some items we have held back as I may be able to sell them on ebay to raise some extra cash. Yesterday we had a lie in and headed over to Shugborough Hall in the afternoon. We have a National Trust membership and enjoyed looking around Lord Lichfields private apartments that have recently opened to the public. The grounds are great and we all enjoyed a good walk , admiring the daffodils. We have about 8 weeks membership left before it expires so we intend to go out each weekend and through the Easter holidays. I'm not sure yet if we will renew it , will have to see how the funds look at that time.
Today is payday and I have sat down after work armed with pen and paper . I was surprised when I checked the bank account online to see we had gone overdrawn by £80. Feel annoyed about that as it is £80 less off the credit card balance. This month looks as if it could be quite expensive, a few birthdays coming up and Easter Holidays looming. I also have to factor in childcare for my daughter whilst I am at work. With the Easter break and the Royal Wedding , the children will have nearly 3 weeks off school. I intend to sit down and make a holiday meal and activity plan. Hopefully the weather will be good, fingers crossed !!

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