Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Bag a bargain

As I have mentioned before there is a conveniance store where I work and although it is usually overpriced , you can pick up the odd bargain now and again. I popped in today on my way home and picked up a few reductions; 6 Free Range large eggs 25p reduced from £1.60, Onions 25p reduced from £1 and Vine tomatoes 32p reduced from £2. Its hard to believe nowadays the price of 'basic' items, the things I bought would have been £4.60 full price ! Hubby has boiled some of the eggs to take to work tomorrow, a nice frugal lunch but eggs can be a bit pongwiffy in the office ! I plan to have a nice omelette for lunch tomorrow and Thursday. The onions will be thrown in the mix for most meals. I don't like tomatoes so hubby will be eating those too. I'm going to try and see how long I can avoid going to the supermarket for a big shop. The fridge is already looking a bit baron but at least I can clean it whilst its empty.

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