Tuesday, 15 March 2011

'' Hot dogs for tea boys''

If you have seen the film 'Twin Town ', you probably will have seen that the Lewis brothers love sausages. Most days their father says to them '' hot dogs for tea boys''. Well its not quite like that in our house but we do like sausages ! Where I work there is a convenience shop in the foyer and although on the whole it can be on the expensive side you can sometimes pick up the odd bargain. I had to pop in after work for milk. The milk is a few pence more than the supermarket but it saves me the trip/time/fuel and all the extras you buy when you go to the supermarket for the 'one thing' you need. Whilst there I noticed they had a few reduced items, milk 20p from 51p, jacket potatoes 25p from £1, grapes 70p from £2.49 and sausages 59p from £2.39. I picked up 3 packs of sausages and a punnet of grapes =£2.47 instead of £9.66 ! Now I know that I said yesterday I am trying to get the freezer down but at 59p per pack I thought the sausages were too good to miss. I know that we will use them, and I can include them in a few cheap meal ideas.
My husband has heard back from the garage today, they can't repair the tyre so it will need a new one £59! However my husband has been able to get it slightly cheaper at £53. Still a lot of money to spend as a result of a silly nail in the road.

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