Friday, 25 March 2011

Its Friday !

Thank goodness its Friday, I am so glad its the weekend. This week the weather has been great here and I have managed to get all the washing done and line dried. The washing basket is now empty but the downside is that the ironing basket is now full ! The meal plans have been going really well and I am going to plan next weeks over the weekend. This sounds pathetic but we haven't eaten out or had takeaways for over two weeks now. There was a time when we would have had a meal out or a takeaway at least once each week but so far we have stayed strong ! It is so easy to feel weak and give in to the laziness. I felt like that yesterday, I'd had a busy day and felt like taking the easy way out but I came home and cooked dinner as planned like a good mother ! Another success this week was that my husbands credit card bill came and it had came down by £2300 last month. This was due to a number of things: overtime, cutting back, savings and sale of our second car. Our other car hadn't really been used for a few months. My husband gets the train in now to work, much quicker,cheaper and easier ( should have done it years ago-never mind ) We decided that rather than leave it parked up to rot away , we would sell it and put the proceeds towards the credit card balance. It is great to see the balance coming down. This was what I had to remind myself with yesterday when my mind was drifting onto fast food. Nothing tastes as good as being out of debt feels !!


  1. Hi

    Well done to you on all counts - the washing all done and dried, the credit card and sticking to cooking rather than a take away.
    Over the last 12 months I've stuck to cooking each night and agree that it's hard to start again when you get home, especially when you've had a bad day at work - I try to cook extra when I can and then freeze some portions for another night and as we have an allotment I spend a lot of time freezing all what we grow through the summer months and that helps too. My washing is in the washer now so hope to get mine all dry outside tomorrow - Have a good weekend

    Best Wishes

  2. Thanks Sandra. Its hard going some times but short term pain for long term gain. Its amazing how many people are in similar situations, you always imagine its just you. Thanks for your comment and good luck getting your washing dry.

  3. All those small steps become one big full purse :-)

    You've had lots of successes these last 2 weeks! Not falling for takeout cravings, getting on with selling the second car, taking advantage of great weather and pinching those cents to get every bit of worth out of them.

    Well done - you must feel fantastic! I have fallen - wanting junk food :-(

  4. You should be really proud of yourself. Well done, your doing great.

    Why don't you make up some pizza bases and a batch of curry and stash these away in your freezer then when you get the urge for a takeaway you can have a home made one.

    Thanks for calling in on my blog and leaving a comment.