Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Make hay whilst the sun shines

Surprisingly I was asked at work today if I would like to do any overtime at the weekend. My initial thought was no ; I have made plans and my daughter is off to a birthday party. But on reflection I could rearrange things and still go in and earn some extra cash. Plus it is only until 1pm each day so I still have the afternoons to go out. Sunday is the problem moreso, my daughters party starts at 12.45. I think I could cheekily ask my friend if my daughter could go with them and I could meet them about half hour later. I have done lots of favours for my friend so I can't imagine that would be a problem. My employer, like most is cutting back and we definatley won't have any overtime after April 1st. Also my employer pays overtime the next month, so whatever I work in March gets paid to me in April and I'm sure I will have things to spend it on come the end of April. It can be easy to budget for certain things, for example the car tax is due in April but unexpected things such as the damaged tyre can leave a little hole in the savings plan. Extra money versus lie in - it has to be the extra money ££££££.

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