Wednesday, 23 March 2011


My daughter has always enjoyed stories and reading books but it seems in recent weeks she has turned into something of a bookworm. Each night she goes up to bed and reads before she gets off to sleep. She has even been asking if she can go to bed early so she can read for longer ! She does have quite a good selection of books , she has always had them for birthdays and Christmas. She is now into Jacqueline Wilson books and has read the ones she has and wants more. I have suggested that we go to the library at the weekend and she can take some books out but she is not happy about this. The reason being is she would like to buy the books to read over and over. Most of the children's books are between £6-£10 each for a paperback and if she is averaging a book every few days that could be quite costly! No to mention all the extra clutter. I do feel a bit of a 'meanie' saying no to the purchase of books but I am really trying to keep on track with the spending and not buy any unnecessary things. The library will let her loan out 15 books at a time and although you are supposed to return them within the month, children do not get fined if they are overdue. I do also believe in the 'use it or lose it' theory; as tax payers we pay for the libraries and if they are not used then surely they would be closed down. So I will be saving my pennies and heading off to the library this weekend.


  1. I love libraries and it really does help to save money and clutter. She might also get the opportunity ot discover other authors that may not be book-shop best sellers or popular sellers but are right up her alley!

  2. Libraries are fantastic. I get books from our mobile library, even if I don't read them all. Your daughter could read a book, then give it back and borrow it again two months later. We need to use our libraries.