Thursday, 10 March 2011

Blog 1 - My first entry.

Decided to take the plunge and blog my experiences. Have been trying to be frugal for a number of years sometimes successfully, sometimes not ! My principal aim is to have a healthy piggy bank instead of an empty one and have some fun along the way. I have followed a few blogs over the years and admire the level of frugality that others have managed to keep too, some out of choice , others out of necessity. Nevertheless blogs are great , and give us loads of ideas and tasty tips !


  1. Looking forward to reading about your journey.

    I also write about my frugal journey. I've been quiet lately but hope to get back into it this week.

    We live under our means in the hope to save and retire earlier then 65. I'm 40 and tired. So each saved penny is one second less at work. Unfortunately sometimes I fall off the wagon and spend $$$ on expensive junk food. :-(

  2. Hi Frugal Down Under
    Thanks for the addition. Your blog looks really good , just had a quick look but I will take a closer look over the weekend. I have fallen off the wagon myself on a few occasions and spent lots on junk food, I'm at the stage now where it's easy to say no. Just need to stay strong ! :-)

  3. Just a quick comment to say well done on your new Blog and it's promising to be very interesting reading!!

    I'll be back (as Arnie would say!!).

    Sue xx

  4. Hi Sue15cat,
    Thank you and see you soon :-)