Sunday, 21 August 2011

WH Smith 1p Bargains

A week or so ago I had an email from Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert and one of his features were 1p bargains at WH Smiths. Various end of lines were going through at 1p each but depending upon which cashier you got , some were taking them off sale and not putting them through. We went into WH Smith at The Fort, Birmingham earlier and came across some advertised as 1p on the shelf, Puppy and Ocean in my Pocket. When we paid the cashier put them all through so we got 10 for 10p !! My daughter had these some time ago and I think they were about £1.49 each then. The packs we got today contain a packet of sweets and the collectible toy figure and luckily all the ones we have got today , my daughter hasn't got already. I think it is just pure chance if you go in and A/ if they have any at all and B/ if they will sell them to you !!

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