Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday Bargains Part 1

I picked up some bargains whilst I was away , what do you think ? Brown Leather shoes for me £16.49 from £54.99.

Rare find for me, charity shop items that fit. Brand new with tags £4.99 and £3.30.

Wooden beads from Folk Festival £1


  1. Wow! So jealous of those shoes, I have to buy Clarkes shoes for school as they are so comfortable but so expensive too.

    Lovely blouses too. I found some bargains in Devon's charity shops too.

    Sft x

  2. Hi SFT, I found the charity shops to be quite expensive this time. I dont know if its a sign of the times, I do always try and buy things. I saw a brand new pair of Gabor heeled shoes, a bargain £6 but not my size :-(, never mind

  3. Lovely shoes they do look comfy and a great price reduction too. A need as well I think you will get lots of miles per hour in them!