Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Black Country Living Museum

My husband had to use the car today so rather than stay home ,my daughter and I went out for the day using the free Day saver bus tickets. I also had in stock a 2 for 1 entry for the Black Country Living Museum. The museum is in Dudley so not a million miles away. When we got on the bus the spiteful lady bus driver wouldn't let me use the Day saver for my daughter ,as she is not an adult so I had to pay £2.50. The bus journey took about 40 minutes but it was like travelling on a mobile greenhouse as it was so hot here today. Straight off the bus and into the museum. They were advertising an offer whereby if you paid for a day ticket today they would give you 12 months free entry. I was surprised to find that I could use the 2 for 1 coupon. So I paid £13.60 for me and my daughter was free (£7.10 was child price) and I can return as many times as I like until next August ! We made our way round the museum , it is an open air museum and all of the building's are real local ones that have been saved from demolition and removed brick by brick to the museum site. There is an underground coal mine, trams, 1930's fairground and lots of little houses to mooch round. We saw a film in the 1920's cinema, which was 'The Vagabond' starring Charlie Chaplin. My daughter couldn't believe that this was what they used to watch in the 'olden days' ! We had fish and chips cooked in beef dripping, they are so tasty. They don't serve them in newspaper anymore but do come wrapped as they would have years ago. We went into the Workers Institute where they had some tables and chairs, a welcome sight on such a hot day ! There was also activities for children, my daughter made a kite and has been playing with it all day. A quick go on the fair then back home on the bus. One last treat was something that my daughter spotted at the bus stop when we were on our way there. A cafe was advertising a free drink upon sight of a bus ticket. So when we got off the bus we headed over there and as the cafe was about to close , we had drinks to go. I had a lovely cappuchino and my daughter tried a latte, drinks should have been £2.30 each ! The nice lady even gave us a few vouchers for a 5 item breakfast at 99p each and kids eat free ! I said to my daughter that we could go during the holidays and have breakfast one day for a treat.
Fish and Chips cooked in beef dripping.
We have the exact same fireplace at home.

Here is the sign we spotted for the free drinks.

Some Black Country Wenches having a slanging match in the street !The one in the hat ended up having a bucket of water thrown over her.


  1. Oh, what fun! I love to go to museums of all kinds.

  2. What a brilliant day, and so many bargains en route. I have always wanted to visit the Black Country Museum. One of these days...

  3. Hi that looks like a great day out. I like the idea of an open air museum too. Great that you can go back again too. Fisn n chips look yummy too mmm xx

  4. My nephew & nieces love going there & they love the fish & chips

  5. What a lovely day you had! I love the black country museum. I remember my dad taking when I was a young girl.

    X x

  6. Sounds great fun.

    We may go to the museum on Sunday. The Rambling Expat works there so we get our own free guide.

    The museum is free here for everyone.