Thursday, 25 August 2011

Positive Mental Attitude

I always strive to have a positive mental attitude but there are times when I am knocked down very easily. There are a number of 'bags' that I am carrying and the debt was one of them. I am now very close to having it all paid off and it feels great. It has given us a real boost and shown us that although something may seem hard at the outset, you can achieve success if you apply yourself. So the debt is almost gone but I have the other 'bags' to unload. One of the 'bags' is exercise. You probably read this and think what on earth am I on about but it is an obstacle for me that I need to address. I am overweight, in part due to a medical condition. I can't do anything to change that and people probably think excuses, but I have medical notes to prove it and if somebody does'nt believe that, frankly I don't give a damn. But I will be honest , I am also lazy. In certain areas of my life I can be very organised and structured but here I am just idle. I completely lack enthusiasm to get up and do things. In part it is due to physical appearance, I hate having my picture taken and hate the idea of people looking at me . I know in all probability they are not looking at me but I feel self conscious. When I was a teenager I was very slim and self confident but as I got older that changed. I used to walk everywhere and be physically active but then I learned to drive and that was it. I have also worked my adult life in offices so that also doesn't help, sitting down all day. Anyway I could completely bore the pants off you so I will cut a long story short. Today my husband had the car and I didn't want to stay home like I would usually do. The weather was nice and my daughter and I walked to visit some relatives who live not far away. We probably walked about 4 miles there and back and we had a very pleasant time. I feel tired now and my legs feel achey. I read other blogs of people walking miles each day, if you are one of those people reading my blog you are probably thinking pull yourself together !! The fact is I need to incorporate more exercise into my sedentary life and I need to make time to do it. I feel great almost being debt free so I want to feel equally great being fitter and slimmer. I'm sorry to waffle on about my exercise phobia but sometimes you just have to put it out there.


  1. I know exactly where your comming from. I hate my picture taken. Just come off our hols and a comment hubby made was "I quess you won't be wanting any photos taken again this year" I hate my photo being taken, hate sitting opposite people in restaurants and just hate any form of excercise. Think hubby has gotten pissed off with me saying we should do some excercise together then not actually doing any myself. He declaired over dinner yesterday he had looked into joining a Gym( cheap gym near his work) a no frills gym, no sauna, no steam room, no pool, just the basics for £11.99 a month. Wish you lived near me and we could be buddies and work out an exercise plan together because boy do I need it at the moment.

  2. Hi Mrs PiggyBank
    Firstly well done on being nearly debt free. That is a great acheivement you turned that around. Must be a nice feeling.
    You made a great start with the walk too. The only exercise I like is swimming & I do like walking.
    We have one car & hubby works full time so he always has the car in the week. Luckily for him I do not like driving!. I may occasionally use the car in an evening when I go to Asda!. I think theats a good place to start for you maybe not using the car unless you really have to perhaps, replacing the car with walking. Start with baby steps with exercise and increase the walking. I use my free swim water caps and always find a small hotel pool for swimming, with no one in!. Well done on the startx

  3. One of my 101 goals is to lost 28lbs. This isn't a vanity issue but a health issue as my joints suffer from that extra weight.

    I am lazy by nature too and also greedy I'm afraid.

    So I have been trying to do a daily walk and my other idea was cutting my food portion sizes (especially as I don't exercise enough to justify them).

    Maybe we could organise a buddy group on one of our blogs? I'd be happy to do it!

    Sft x

  4. Hi ,Found you through SFT, I also totally identify with what you saying ,it was like reading about my self! I too have a medical condition,(RA), I put my weight gain down to exactly the same thing,Illnesss,being Lazy,driving everywhere,etc
    I really want to change ,too.juliexxxx

  5. Well done on sorting out that debt, that's a great achievement.
    Until I started blogging I positively loathed having my photograph taken, it's only by taking pictures on a daily basis that I've got over the dread of looking at myself.
    The walk sounds a great start. Do you like swimming? If you're shy the swimming baths at the Wolverhampton Uni campus on Gorway Road are open to the public and really quiet. Walsall Council also run a huge amount of free exercise classes for all ages and levels of fitness.
    Link here:
    Good luck!

  6. NSD is right - start with small steps and build up. Until May I had NEVER done exercise, and was clinically obese but the GP said I had to do something. So now I am eating GI food [mostly] and running a little every day. It is beginning to show results. But it is SO hard. You cannot do everything at once, and the debt issue was a major thing for you, so glad that is sorted out. Do not give up, you will get there in the end! blessings x