Friday, 12 August 2011

Holiday Bargains Part 2

Black shoes £5 from £38.

Blogger is being naughty, here are the rest of the bargains.
Stocking filler for my daughter, £1 from £8, headband.
Clarks trainers for my daughter £16 from £32, old ones were size 2 !!
Pink stone with silver bale £6 from £12. I have the silver chain already at home. Christmas present for my niece.
UV suit for my nephew for Christmas, £4 from £12.


  1. More great purchases. Super Christmas presents, very cost effective. I try and buy Christmas presents when I can to spread the cost.

    Sometimes I can get rid of your consumer cravings buying presents for others.


  2. I hate shopping in December, overcrowded and overpriced !!

  3. More great bargains. Love the flower headbandx